Add Windows like Start Button on Android phone with Taskbar Windows 8 Style

by Abhishek on June 22, 2013

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If you have ever thought to add/install start menu to your Android smartphone, then your dream is now fulfilled. Android developer, Root Uninstaller has recently released taskbar Windows 8 Style app which will allow Android users to add Start menu and start button to Android smart phone.

Microsoft Windows Operating System comes with some amazing features like customizable UI, start menu but it doesn’t have start button though in coming Windows 8.1 update it will be available. Start button is something which Microsoft has decided not to add in Windows 8 but because of users demand it will be available in Windows blue update.

Taskbar Windows 8 Style is a free application which is a mimic of Windows 8 and comes with handy features like start button launch apps, common settings, and favorite contacts.Start

Working with Taskbar Windows 8 Style:

  • To start with Taskbar Windows 8 Style app, just tap on “Start” button, it will open taskbar for you scroll up/down to select an app to launch. If you want to add any folders, contacts or settings then simply click on theme to execute and add. User can change the size of start button location by holding on the start screen for a while.Windows 8 Style_1


  • To create folder, open settings-> edit start menu-> click on action bar-> add new to new folder-> enter folder name-> select icon-> folder type.
  • Taskbar Windows 8Add smart button and it automatically dimes if user doesn’t press in two seconds to open.Taskbar Windows 8 Style
  • It also has an option to reorder apps by navigating to settings->edit start menu->then drag the icon to the right and change the order and to hide apps go to settings->edit start menu item-> click on action bar->hide to exclude apps.Taskbar Windows 8 Style

There are many other amazing features in Taskbar Windows 8 Style app which can be explored by using the app. The app is available for free download from Android Play Store.

You can go ahead, download this app and do share your feedback about Taskbar Windows 8 Style , in your comments below.

Download: Taskbar Windows 8 Style

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