5 Best Performance Booster Apps for Android Device

by Abhishek on June 29, 2013

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Android is most widely used mobile OS in the world, it comes with multitasking features. Devices running on Android OS is considered as the most resource hungry OS. There are some widely used Android performance booster app available in the market which allows smartphones to work most efficiently with the available resources.

Hers is the list of top 5 applications available for Android devices which will act like Android performance booster and will bring optimum performance to the resource hungry devices.

Android Performance Booster Applications:

  • Android Assistant:Android Performance Booster app

Android Assistant is a small, single and only app which comes with total 18 features together for optimizing Android devices. The app shows information about CPU/RAM/Battery, Cache cleaner, Auto Boost, File Manager, System Cleaner, battery optimizer, performance booster and system information.

This single utility program helps to optimize smartphone and make them run smooth and fast with the available resources and hence act as performance booster for Android device.

Download: Android Assistant

  • Go Task Manager:5 Best Performance Booster app for Android Device

Go task manger is another Android performance booster app which comes with single touch action button that will free system resources and kills unwanted programs/apps running in the background. Go task manager app is available in both free and paid versions, with free version user can install widgets on home screen. The widgets will show all information about the device resources available and used.

The app also comes with cache cleaner and apk scanner which will clear device unused cache and scans all apk files installed.

Download: Go Task Manager

  • Smart RAM Booster:5 Best Performance Booster app for Android Device

As names suggests, Smart RAM booster helps to boost the performance of the device by flushing unused RAM. Smart RAM booster comes with simple UI and with the press of button it will clear memory eating apps by killing the running processes. The app available in both free and paid version. Free version comes with all powerful function as that of paid one.

Download: Smart RAM Booster

  • Advanced Mobile Care:5 Best Performance Booster app for Android Device

Advanced mobile care app come with multiple features like security scanner, performance booster, game speeder mode. Another name of this app is “Swiss Army Knife of Android turning tools” which means it comes with complete optimization tools.

The “Game Speeder” mode allots most resources to the games and helps it to run smoothly. Advanced Mobile Care also allows to call blocking and anti-theft features to protect device and to disable/wipe data in case of lost.

Download: Advanced Mobile Care

  • Netquin Android Booster:5 Best Performance Booster app for Android Device

Netquin Android Booster comes with features like battery saver, bandwidth manager and task manager. The app comes with one touch optimize button, which helps users to close programs running in background and also by closing Wi-Fi and other radio connections. The app acts as a complete performance booster for Android device.

Netquin app also helps to monitor data bandwidth usage of the device and also allow us to control data usages on the go.

Download: Netquin Android Booster

These all are the five best Android performance booster app available for Android devices. All these apps are available for free and can be downloaded from play store.

Give a try to above apps and share you feedback using the comment box below.

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