Apple Sues Samsung Yet Again

by Carlo de la Paz on January 27, 2012

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The legal wrangling between the top two smartphone manufacturers continues to rage on with yet another lawsuit filed by Apple on its leading rival Samsung. This time, the former files “patent infringement” claims on the latter’s Galaxy S II, Galaxy S Plus, and eight other devices. The new case was filed in Dusseldorf Regional Court, where the case against the Galaxy Tab 10.1N was filed.

The lawsuit is the latest in the heated legal battle between Samsung and Apple over mobile technologies and designs which began last year when Apple claimed that Samsung duplicated its products. Ironically, the South Korean company became the top seller of smartphones thanks to its Galaxy line.

In September 2011, theDusseldorf Regional Courtupheld a temporary ban on the sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1. In response, Samsung modified the frame and location of the speakers and changed the name to Galaxy Tab 10.1N. Last December, theDusseldorf Courtsaid that it is unlikely that it would grant an injunction on the new product.

After getting a September injunction, the California-based Apple has suffered setbacks in its continuing legal battle with Samsung. On December 9, it lost in its bid to reinstate a ban inAustralia. Even the German that ruled in favor of granting an injunction in the EU has revised its ruling applying the ban inGermanyonly.

For its part, Samsung claimed that Apple might have tampered some of its evidence in order to get a favorable decision in its request to ban the Galaxy Tab in the European Union with the exception of The Netherlands. In the Dutch website Webwereld, it was revealed that a different aspect ratio for the Galaxy Tab in contrast to the actual (1:36 against the actual 1:46) to make it similar to the iPad. Likewise, the logo of Samsung was removed from Apple’s image and the app drawer was open instead of the normal home screen view.

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