Best Resources for Web Designers And Developers

by Kunal on February 21, 2013

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Web designing requires an innovative mind, lots of innovative ideas and the most important aspect is to keep yourself updated with new designs, coding experiments, PSD designs and much more which is required for being a good website designer. I personally believe one idea is a derivation of another with better features or perhaps more add-on. So if you are a web designer, you should surely keep yourself updated with new designs. Here we are listing some of best resources for web designers.




Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is a familiar name in web designing and development industry. It’s a great resource for learning to code on CSS, JavaScript and HTML. Apart from that they write about plenty of new techniques almost everyday. One of the key feature of smashing magazine is “Job board”. So if you are a web designer and looking for a job, I suggest you to check out their job board section. Additionally they offer plenty of resources for graphics, user interface design and much more.

Resources for Web Designers


Webdesigndev is another online journal for web designers. Webdesigndev frequently update plenty of information. The best part is their “10” awesome and great resources they write as a blog post on various topics related to web design and development.

Resources for Web Designers



Smashing Hub

When speaking about web designing resources, this is the name I would never forget to mention. Maintained by Ali Qayyum and his team, Smashing Hub has always been busy updating their website with resources you would love. It has great resources for web designer and developers, graphic designers and photographers.

Resources for Web Designers



Another biggie in the list of biggies. If you are a web designer, you might fall in love with Web designer depot’s awesome design. They say “we live, breathe, and eat design”, and that’s pretty much true with the quality of content they offer. Did I forget to mention, they have a awesome design!

Resources for Web Designers



Last but not the least. Net Tuts is an advance and one of best resources for web designers and developers. They offer best in industry tutorials in form of articles and videos. They offer tutorials on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CMS’s, PHP, Ruby on Rails and much more. So if you are a hardcore designer and developer, do not miss NetTuts!!

Resources for Web Designers

There are plenty of other resources for web designers and developers. If you think we have missed resources for web designers that was worth mentioning, please do comment with the link and we will be happy to include them in our list.

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    Thanks Kunal For Sharing These Useful Websites :)

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    Thanks for sharing this sites…They will Surely help me as i am A learner.

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