Sony Released PlayStation Teaser, Is it a new PlayStation 4?

by Kunal on February 1, 2013

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Are you a gamer? and a PlayStation fan too? If yes, than you might have something new coming for you from Sony. Sony has released a teaser video with PlayStation logo and button symbol animating through out the 44 second video. At the end of the video, Sony shows up a date of meeting which has been scheduled on 20th February at 6 PM EST. On this date Sony will be announcing something new related to PlayStation. But like always Sony has not given any kind of hints which gives us an idea to guess anything about the event. Will Sony announce PlayStation 4 in this event? Will Sony once again make changes to the existing PlayStation 3 by changing its hardware and GPU’s? Well it would be too early for us to guess any kind of conclusion. But if you are a die hard PlayStation gamer, you will surely have something to cheer about!

PlayStation 4

Personally speaking, I liked the way Sony has made the announcement for the event. It has been done in a not too over hyped way. I believe Timothy Cook, the present CEO of Apple Inc, needs to learn a lesson from Sony. There has been absolutely no release of leak images apart from some tech biggies guessing out the hardware configuration and naming it as PlayStation 4. But during the release of Apple iPhone 5, we saw too many leaked images of iPhone 5 prior to official announcement and they all proved to be actually what iPhone 5 exactly looked post announcement. There was a total leak of everything about it from design to specification. Thankfully the same has not been the case of Sony’s PlayStation so far.

Kudos to Sony, hope to see an amazing gaming console. We will keep posting and updating you with much more detailed information about the event.

Official meeting link: PlayStation 4

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