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by Kunal on February 14, 2013

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Ever thought of changing our world, our earth with your unique ideas? Did you ever had a plan which can challenge the system and make good moves towards the living and our society? If yes, than you can challenge to change the world. Dassault systèmes presents IF WE Challenge. This challenges are not to participate in any game or contest. It is a challenge to change, it is a challenge for better living, and it is a challenge for us and our planet!

IF WE challenge

Dassault systèmes has come up with a challenge which can bring changes for good and happiness. If you have a challenging dream and you want that to come true and to come to effect, than you should surely participate in this campaign- “IF WE” challenge. Dassault systèmes in earlier campaign had collect around 550 contributors from around the globe. From the list of around 550 contributors, the campaign committee had cut down about 85 of participant depending of the criteria of feasibility, interest and sustainability. Than the campaign members contacted them to know more about their ideas and reduced the number to 20. Finally the Jury panel selected 3 finalist winners.

Want to know what kind of ideas were proposed in 2012 campaign? Here are the few ideas proposed by the participants of 2012 campaign, this will certainly help you to build your own!


  • Geoffrey Cooper from Canada proposed “IF WE designed a rolling tree planting robot, we could send them out to replant forests and restore deserted lands. Let’s make it happen!”
  • Ismael Moreno Cendejas from Mexico gave an idea: “IF WE design more exoskeletons we can help more people with different capacity”

And plenty of others which you can see in the campaign video below. This is your opportunity for IF WE challenge. I personally believe such campaign bring evolutions and execution of new ideas are always problem solving. Not only they help individuals, they can be implemented globally. How can you participate in this campaign? You can share your own world-changing dream with in 140 words and share in to their blog, Facebook page or tweet about it using a hash tag #IFWE. Dassault systèmes will reward participant with price value of up to $15,000 for bringing up the best and innovative IF WE dreams.

For more information about the campaign visit: Dassault systèmes

On complete guidance on joining IF WE challenge visit: How to participate page

Disclaimer: Post sponsored by Dassault systèmes

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